Got my bicycle out of storage today. Filled the tires, rode in the sun and the wind. Only to the shop. It was the kind of wind that whips the winter dust into a golden cloud, stinging your eyes to tears. The grit in my teeth tastes like the desert. Never confuse the beach with the desert; they’re two different things.

It took me a while to warm up to The Knick, to get past the House-but-set-in-the-early-1900s vibe. Ah, but I fell in love with the blue bicycle the moment it appeared.

There’s a scene where Nurse Elkins teaches Thackery to ride a bicycle. She tells him the first thing she did she did when she got to New York was buy the Rambler. She says, ‘I like riding in the city. It makes me feel like I’m a part of it.’

He says, ‘I saw you on it this morning. You didn’t look like you were part of anything. You looked free.’

I want to ride my bicycle.