Here at Ninjatoaster, we like to keep things simple. Mostly because I’m lazy. So I’m really not interested in collecting or managing more data than I absolutely have to; it seems like an awful lot of extra work.

Before you continue to visit this site, or sign up for a newsletter, I’d like you to look over some basic info about cookie use and what data you’re allowing me to collect when you visit. I know it’s TLDR but this stuff is important, and you should be reading it not just here, but for every site you use. So quit whining and take your medicine. It’s good for you.

What this site collects:
  • Your email address, if you choose to subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Technical information necessary to the routine operation of the web site and server.
    This is stuff like the IP address of your computer and it’s collected automatically by the web server. If you don’t understand why this data is necessary, or you just want to know more about how the internet works, you can check out this page on how web servers work.
How’s this data used?

The technical information is used for normal communication between your computer and my web server and is stored in server logs. I and my hosting company may use it to identify and troubleshoot problems with the server and web site, evaluate load and resource utilization, identify malicious activity, etc. I may also periodically review this data for information on how I can improve the web site, like what web browsers my visitors use so I can make sure my site works properly in those browsers, or examine historical traffic so I can project whether I need to buy more bandwidth. This data is not used for advertising or profiling site visitors.

By itself, this information can’t identify you personally, but put together with other data, like account information and logs from your internet service provider, it might. Pretty much every site on the internet collects this info automatically. If you’re concerned about that you should learn how to surf the web anonymously.

Your email address is only used to send you the newsletters you requested. Because of how mail processing works, it may also be stored in server logs.


All Ninjatoaster newsletters are 100% opt-in. I don’t buy addresses and I never sell or share them because that’s gross.

I’ll only use your address to send you the email you asked for, and I want to be really really sure you want my emails so I use a double opt-in, where you have to request a subscription and then reply with a confirmation email.

You can unsubscribe any time; it’s super easy and there are directions included in every newsletter. If you have a problem with the automatic unsubscribe, you can always email me at and I’ll do it for you.


Your email address is deleted from the active newsletter mailing list as soon as the automatic unsubscribe request is processed or when I remove it manually.

Information like email and IP addresses may be retained indefinitely for purposes related to site operation like blocking malicious activity or spam.

Data sharing & access

I don’t share or sell data or use any third party data collection services. Obvs my web host has access to everything on their servers and both they and I will comply with legal requests for information.

In the event there’s some kind of data breach that might compromise whatever data of yours I have, I’ll notify you ASAPjust as soon as I get over wondering who would even bother and feeling sad for the person responsible.


Parts of Ninjatoaster use WordPress, and WordPress uses cookies. These are little pieces of information my site asks your browser to save about your visit and preferences. Then when you come back again, this web site can ask your browser for those cookies.

The Amazing Frankie uses two cookies:

  • A session cookie, which is a thing WordPress sets; I don’t actually know what the hell it’s for, but it’s temporary and it’ll be deleted when you close your browser.
  • A persistent cookie that tells WordPress whether or not you’ve seen and acknowledged the pop up notice about our cookies and data use. This cookie expires after a year, or when you purge your cookies.

Ninjatoaster doesn’t use any third party applications for tracking or advertisements. No Google Analytics, no Facebook, none of that shit, and it won’t ask you to accept cookies from any other sites.

For more information about cookies and how they’re used on the internet you can visit the EUROPA page on cookies. To find out how to set your cookie related preferences, consult your browser’s help page.

More information

Takeaway: data collection and handling is one of my favourite soapboxes, but I’ve tried to make this a basic, user-friendly overview so you understand what this site collects and how it’s used without getting on that soapbox. If you made it this far, wow! I commend you on your fortitude!

As the site evolves and I add new features and content, things may change. I might need to use more cookies or ask for additional information. If that happens, I’ll update this page, and you’ll probably have to clear the pop up notice again. (Sorry about that!)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at